If you've ever taken the first monumental steps towards building a new business, you probably believe that launching a company is one of the highest mountains you'll ever climb.

The strength and commitment required to create a reliable brand, introduce your ground-breaking product, and cement your foundations in the unknown world of self-employment are undoubtedly only achieved by those who are prepared to put in the blood, sweat and (not always metaphorical) tears.

But while those initial days are undeniably demanding, by no means are they the most difficult time in the lifespan of a business-owner.  

While the determination and strength required to bring a business idea to fruition are commendable; maintaining and growing a business to see your dedication, commitment, and passion for your product come to life in a way that knows no limits is ultimately where the hard work lies. 

Unfortunately, this is the time where new business owners start to relax and often lose their footing and collapse before they've even had a chance to discover the true impact that they can make on society.  

Unforeseen problems arise in force and challenges are thrown at you from all angles while you navigate your way through the unfamiliar waters.   Your income isn't yet guaranteed, creditors still need to be paid, and you must develop new skills and develop strategies at the same time as honouring those who demand your presence, services and income.

Your business isn't an experiment, and because there's no time for trial and error, the time to arm yourself with tools to succeed is now. The three-day seminars are an investment in your future prosperity and will equip you with valuable strategies to establish your worth in the market and to safeguard your future success so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Made up of practical, interactive modules, you will learn how to implement strategies to facilitate your growth, market yourself against the best in the business, and provide an efficient approach to developing your vision and goals. Everything you learn throughout the three-day course will empower you to become a business owner who is committed to the longevity of your company.  

Your motivation is not in question. It's your steely determination and ability to persevere that have brought you this far so you can rest assured this workshop doesn't focus on building your enthusiasm. The skills you'll learn are practical, useful, and can be implemented immediately to start paving your way to a brighter future. 

Outcomes of the course include:

  • Identifying and implementing successful growth strategies to guarantee and safeguard future income
  • Identifying and implementing proven marketing strategies to ensure you build a reliable brand and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Team leadership and management skills to help your team function at optimum performance and contribute to your sustainable growth.
  • Vision and goal setting strategies to ensure you grow while meeting the demands of your market and your competitors.
  • A handbook of strategies to take away with you which you can start to implement immediately to set your business on the way to reaching its maximum potential.

Business Ownership Workshops details:

  • One-day Marketing Workshop
  • One-day Clarify your Message Masterclass
  • One-day Social Media Masterclass
  • One-day Emotional Intelligence Workshop
  • Three-day Business Ownership Workshops guaranteed to GROW your Business Bottom Line.
  • Three-day ADVANCED Business Ownership workshop including Social Media Bootcamp

About the course leader

Ricky Naicker is a highly-educated, and successful Business Strategist committed to empowering business owners to write their own success story.

With a lengthy history in building and leading successful businesses of his own, Ricky draws on his own experience while using proven methods of practical training to guarantee his students reach their maximum potential. 

Ricky's passion is deep-rooted in helping people develop their own skills to transform their lives and the lives of those around them for the better.

Ricky has empowered over a thousand students in Leadership and Business Strategy through Accredited Learning Programs in Australia.


Ricky's Educational Qualifications

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership
  • Graduate Diploma in Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Management-Learning
  • Graduate Certificate in Management 
  • Advanced Diploma of Management
  • Advanced Diploma MGT Human Resources
  • Diploma of MGT
  • Advanced Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Human Resources MGT
  • Diploma of Business
  • Dip A+ SUP.ENG
  • Diploma of Business MGT
  • Diploma of Accounting (SA)
  • Diploma of TAE
  • Diploma of VET
  • Cert IV.MKT.
  • Cert IV. TAE.
  • Cert IV. Small Bus. Mgt.


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